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Even though I have always been a huge supporter of Geek Fuel and I still think this company is doing a great job, I decided to take a break from this box. For me, their last boxes were a little bit disappointing, just because I was not such a huge fan of the items they sent. But this does not mean that the box was bad. And even though I want to support them, since Christmas is coming and I have so much to buy and plan to get, I decided to pause my subscription for now and let it rest for a couple of months.

But now, let’s go check all the goodies that we received in
the October Geek Fuel box 🙂

I do appretiate the love they put into packaging their boxes and the extra wrapping paper they add to make their boxes that extra special. Their logo is also super adorable and it would be so cool iGeekFuel2f they would make like little figures of the robot and send them in their boxes. Why not? He is their mascot, he looks super cute and will make a great figure.

Actually, I had paused my subscription by the time they announced this box, but since they mentioned they were going to send a Funko, something from Back to the Future and something from Star Wars, I went ahead and ordered the October box. So easy to get me with those themes 😛

Let’s check this month’s shirt. We received a shirt more focused on gaming this month, it is from Video Games Live. In case you don’t know what that is, itGeekFuel3 is a great orchestra that tours around the world performing live some of the most iconic tracks from video games. I was lucky enough to see them live in Cologne at the Gamescom and it was an amazing experience. However I am not so in love with this shirt. The print is just the logo of Video Games Live and I would have rather have them put a gaming shirt from Fallout or any other coming releases since there are lot of game releases in the fall. Not that the shirt is bad quality or ugly, it is a great shirt but not my kind of style or shirt I would purchase for myself.

In the box we also find another item meant to help us with our gaming. And that is an energy drink from Halo. They called it Guardianade, and even though I get the joke and I get it is something fun, I still think it is not an item that belongs in this kind of boxes. Of course it is a nice filler, but once you drink it, that’s it. It is not really a collectible item. So I was a bit disappointed on that since it took the place of another cool item they could have sent instead.

GeekFuel4Next in the box we find the promised Funko Pop. Now, I am a huge fan of Funko as you probably already know and I think except from the sport ones and music ones, I mostly like them all. I was hoping for a Funko from Star Wars or Back to the Future. Instead we got a Funko from Guradians of the Galaxy and since I really love Guardians of the Galaxy I was happy about it.

However, they picked Yondu, which might not be the most recognizable character and it is just a random Funko. I just had the feeling this box had no theme and the items were just randomly chosen. It is a pity though because they could have made a great box. So a cool Funko but very normal and easy to find.

 The next item was also my favorite one of this box since it is an item more for the house and I had never seen an item like this in one of the subscription boxes. So this item won for being original, practical and funny. GeekFuel5

We got a pillow case from Star Wars that says “It’s a nap”, obviously trying to quote the famous “It’s a trap”. I really love this item and the thought that was put into it. In my opinion they should just have maybe picked up another color for a pillow case since being white will make it really easy to get dirty. Specially in my case since I have 2 black cats 😛

GeekFuel7The Geek Fuel box send us every month some sort of downloadable code for Steam for a complete game, for an extension or maybe just for some special skins or weapons for a specific game. I do think this is a great idea so we get to test and play different games on Steam.

This month they picked also a theme I really like when it comes to video games, Zombies 🙂 We got a code to download Over 9000 Zombies, which is basically a survival horror game in which you need to try to survive for as long as possible. Can’t wait to try this one out!

You are probably wondering, as well as I was wondering, where the Back to the Future item is. I had again this feeling I had back then with my Totoro item from the Nerd Block classic of the month of May.

At the end of the box we find finally our items. Yes, items, they sent us 3 little items from Back to the Future. Number one, we got a sticker from the monitor inside the delorean telling us to which date our journey is going to take us and the memorable date 21st of October 2015.

The second item it’s a pin to save the clock tower. I thought this was a cool item and very memorable, but it is still just a pin. GeekFuel6

Third item we got is a copy from the pamphlet that Marty gets from the ladies trying to collect funds to save the clock tower. This is also a very memorable item from the first movie. His girlfriend also writes “I love you” on the back and gives him her number. Now, here comes a cool thing the guys from Geek Fuel did.

They wrote on the back “We love you” and then left there a telephone number. You had then to dial that number to find out if you were one of the 88 winners of a very special Back to the Future gift box. And if you did cGeekFuel9all that number, Doc himself would deliver the good or bad news to you. That was pretty cool.

At the bottom of the box we also find our little magazine with some cool reviews and interviews. This month we had the cover and back from The Walking Dead.GeekFuel10

Inside we find articles also about some of the franchises that appeared in this month’s box.

As always we also get a separate card that tells us everything that was in the box and also provides a little bit more details about each item.

GeekFuel8The box all in all was decent, but it just did not wow me. Probably because they announced that Back to the Future was going to be one on the themes for the box and then the items we received felt more like fillers.

I think this is what got me a little bummed about this month. If you are not going to do Halloween in October, at least the box should have been a lot more thought through in my opinion.

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