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Finally, the box I was really excited to receive, made it to my door. As you guys probably know my favorite subscription box out there is currently the Horror Block, from the guys at Nerd Block.

The October box was one I was really excited about since it was Halloween month and they promised items from Child’s Play and Friday the 13th. Two franchises I really like.

So let’s go check all the bloody goodies that we got.

When we open the box we already see some awesome stuff and as always let’s check our shirt first.


I have to say I was a bit bummed that the shirt was not black but oh well, the dark brown is not too bad. Specially because I really love the print they chose from Friday the 13th.

We have half of Jason’s mask and the memorable boat *spoiler alert* that made me scared to death at the end of the very first movie*end of spoiler* In between the boat and the mask, we can see the silhouette of the trees. Also the whole image is trying to build a skull. I think the idea is really cool and I absolutely love it.

HorrorBlock3Next in the box we have our item from Child’s Play and it is a Chucky plush. He is a really cool plush and not too small. He even comes with his little knife, that I was missing in the Jason plush we received before. However, the knife is not really believable and I wish they had used another material maybe to do this.

But all in all, the plush is really good quality, the hair is very soft and he is pretty cool looking. This is the Chucky from the 4th movie, Chucky’s bride, since he has all the stitches from when Tiffany put him back together after his painful death at the end of the third movie. I am not going to consider this a spoiler since he dies at the end of each movie 😛HorrorBlock4

Moving forward with our goodies, we find a DVD from Argento’s Dracula that has the logo of Horror Block. I am not sure if this is an special edition that just includes some extras that the normal edition does not have.

Anyway, this is a great movie choice. The movie might not be the best Dracula movie and also definitely not the best work from Argento. However is a nice item for the box and I am glad that they chose this one since I did not own a copy yet and I love to collect vampire movies. Yes, also the not so good ones.HorrorBlock5

 In this box we also find a practical instrument to talk to the dead, a ouija board. We received a really cool mouse pad with a ouija board print. The print looks really cool. I just wish they would have not placed the logo from Horror Block right there on the front.

Also I normally use bigger mouse pads home since when I am gaming sometimes I need space. HorrorBlock6But I will take this to work and summon some demons at the office. Everyone thinks I am nuts already so using a ouija board as a mouse pad is not going to surprise them anymore 😛

This month unfortunately they did not send the Rue Morgue magazine. This made me really sad since I have been collecting them as a little library of wisdom for movies and all horror related. And now I am going to miss this month 🙁HorrorBlock7

Instead of the magazine we did receive what is actually my favorite item of the box. We received this awesome book from the Rue Morgue library called Cryptic Collectibles. It is basically a book that shows us all types of collectibles, from old to new, covering the whole horror genre. All things someone like me wants to have and the reason why I am poor 😛

I have always loved books about toys or collectibles and this book is just perfect since it focuses on really cool horror related merch as you can see. Can’t wait to read this and also then cry about all the nice stuff I can not have…life is hard.HorrorBlock8

But this is not all my friends. At the end of the box we find another super awesome item. seriously, this box was packed with awesome stuff.

We received this amazing print that came in perfect condition and great quality. It is a print portraying different undead charactes from all types of movies, series etc

Love the way that NerdBlock makes their prints. They make the best quality ones so far. Also, they did not include the artist name on the print but they gave him credit in thHorrorBlock9e card describing the items. This gorgeous print is from Paul Hanley. This is going to be framed for display ♥

Of course we find in the card all the cool items we got this month. Lee Anna Vamp choice of the month was the Chucky plush. Got to love the red heads. Have always been a fan of them 😛

This monHorrorBlock10th the box was really good in quality and value too and they did a good job in making a great October Horror Block.

Next month they have promised us an item from The Twilight Zone and who does not love that? I am so excited about this 🙂

They also promised an item from Sharknado, which I am not so keen on since I don’t know, I see it more like a comedy but not really horror, or not good enough to be in this box. But that is just my opinion.

Another great thing that is coming is an autograph and I am sooooooo ecited about this. I think this kind of items are very special and unique in a way and I appreciate Horror Block to try to get this cool stuff for the horror fans.

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