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This October some of the subscription boxes have embraced the Halloween theme and I love it! However, the Loot Crate decided to do something different and celebrate the fact that on the 21st of October we went Back to the Future.

I remember this movie from my childhood and I still love rewatching it and decided to rewatch the trilogy this October too. So I was really excited about this crate and they delivered. Let’s dig in!LootCrate2

First and as always, we have our T-Shirt. They picked up a really cool design for the theme¬†Time, since it is from the movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and there is not much merch going around in this boxes from this cool movie.

The design, the color and the movie they picked were really cool. It also seems they are starting to produce their own shirts since this one had a Loot Crate label. Unfortunately they had an issue that affected, if not all, most of their subscribers. The T-Shirts came two sizes smaller than normal. So my fitted woman S did not fit me at all ūüôĀ ¬†Their Customer Support team were awesome, apologized and already sent me a replacement. I wish all companies were like this.

Next thing in our box is an exclusive Funko from Back to the Future ♥ We got Doc and he looks totally adorable. He is a variant edition since there is already a Funko Doc out there. The original one has a different outfit and is holding a controller in his hands.LootCrate3

The one we received has the tweezers in his hands that he used to connect the light cables to the clock tower in order to send Marty McFly back to the future. I love they picked a reference like this scene that sort of connects the 3 movies. Also the different parts of the Funko have different textures.

He is a great Funko Pop but in my case unfortunately the box came not only damaged but also dirty. So I sent them a message about this becasue I mean, a box can get damaged by transporting it, specially for international shipping, but the box being dirty is a no go. They were understanding and directly sent me a replacement. I wish all subscription boxes would give their clients this awesome Customer Service.LootCrate4

The next item in the box is also an exclusive and also from Back to the Future ♥ We received a super awesome replica from the Hoverboard from Back to the Future II produced by Quantum Mechanix, the guys that also made the awesome Batman Q-Pop we got in the Heroes II crate.

This replica does not only look awesome but also comes with a little certificate of authenticity that makes it even more specialLootCrate5. The design is great and the fact that they decided to put a mirrored base is a genius idea so that you can also see the bottom of the hoverboard through the mirror and have it on display.LootCrate6

 Our last item comes from a time traveler also know as the Doctor. We received a Dr. Who Spork, yes, a combination of a fork and a spoon. This is a sort of crazy invention that the Doctor would have on him and now you can make everyone in the office jealous when it is lunch time.

My favorite Doctor has always been the 9th and I really like this item even though I would have loved it more if it would have had some sort of sound or movement integrated.

As always we also received our little magazine and the LootCrate7button that is always matching the theme for the month. The cover of the little magazine shows us the flyer they sent to promote and announce the box theme. LootCrate8

It is nice that they always include this little magazine with some extra information about the items and showing pictures of their subscribers. They also include some cool interviews and reviews.

This month they also included something related to Back to the Future. This super cool license plate that I might hang up on my walls. LootCrate9

Of course the inside of the box was also paying homage to the time traveler’s and it looks super cool. I really like the love they put into their crates, making them special from inside out, all the way.

To sum up, this crate was really cool and one of the best crates I got from them. They did a great job to stick to the theme and I am glad that they decided to include 2 exclusive items from Back to the Future. Also, I appretiate they included an exclusive Funko, where even the mold was new, instead of just putting inside the crate one of the existing Back to the Future ones. This shows all the thoughts and passion they put when creating their crates.

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