Nerd Block October — Trick’r’Treat

Finally the October boxes are coming and I am really excited since October means HNerdBlock1alloween!!!! Yes, I know for me Halloween is all year long but I do feel like October is a special month.

Nerd Block classic this month was Halloween themed and I was really excited to receive it. Also because they promised 2 vinyl figures and we all know I love to collect those.

First let’s take a look at our T-Shirt. This month’s T-Shirt is from the movie Gremlins and I absolutely adore this movie. I think we all wanted Gizmo as a pet after watching this movie. I know I still do.

Just when I thought it could not get better, I read in the card that the shirt we received glows in the dark. So awesome! Speciall because when it glows in the dark, the NerdBlock2true trick of the shirt is revealed and  looks like this.

Now when they said they were going to include two vinyl figures I was expecting different figures with a different theme. Unfortunately I feel they cheated a litttle bit and I felt disappointed since they sent us a twin pack of mini Alien Titan figures.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this figures a lot. They look amazing and we received Big Chap and Ripley. They will keep company to the twin pack from Alien we received in the last Horror Block. I just wish they would have included two separate full size figures.


The box was divided into 3 trick items (horror related) and 3 treat items (more like cartoon items). The last horror related item that we received is from a really cool movie called Zombie Hunter. I mean, Danny Trejo is in it, that is all you need to know in order to feel the obligation of watching it.

We received official dog tags from the movie and they are pretty good quality. I have always loved dog tags and this ones are perfect. Also gives me an excuse to plan a cosplay photoshooting inspired in this movie.

Let’s get started with the treats now.

NerdBlock5They promised an item from Jem and I actually loved the show so I was curious to see what we were going to receive. They sent us a pretty cool comic from Jem.

I appreciate this being an annual one issue copy so that I don’t feel the need to keep on collecting the numbers since I am already collecting enough comics and Jem is maybe not a comic that I would like to collect like for months.

This issue looks pretty cool and will definitely take me back to the past.NerdBlock3

Next treat is from a show I have been watching for as long as I can remember. I have watched some episodes like 50 times and I still don’t mind watching them over and over again.

We have ourselves a really cool The Simpsons coaster. This one is from Moe’s Tavern, which makes perfect sense, and I love that they finally included a coaster that was not just a cardboard one. However, when you send coasters, please do send at least 2 or 4 so that when someone comes over you can take out your pretty coasters. This one is more for a forever alone.

NerdBlock6The last treat comes from a show I am not so familiar about but that it’s very popular and people seem to love to collect stuff from the show. It is Bob’s Burgers.

I think it is great to include an item from that show. However, this item makes not much sense to me. It is like a word game to fill in the blanks with adjectives and stuff. But I just don’t see why such an item like this should be included in a subscription box like this one.NerdBlock7

Anyway I don’t want to hate too much, it is something probably the fans from the show will appreciate. It is just the type of item that I am not keen on.

Of course like always they included the little card that gives us some information on the items that we received and this month the splitted the card to show in one side all the tricks and on the other side all the treats we got. NerdBlock8

They also sent us a card to promote the new sci-fi box that they just launched. A lot of people have been worried that with the sci-fi box, the classic Nerd Block will not include nothing sci-fi related. So they also included another card to let us know the next classic box will include an exclusive Firefly item. They also reassured us on Facebook that the Nerd Block classic will remain as it is now.

To sum up, I think it was a great idea to spice up the box with this different type of items and the box was full of really cool stuff.

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