Horror Block – September

Horror Block is definitely the box of your nightmares. If you love horror as much as I do, this should be a must in your mailbox every month.HorrorBlock1

September was another great month. I was so in love with the August Horror Block that it was too hard for them to top this for me. However, this box is still pretty awesome.

Let’s dig into this bloody and deadly box!


As always let us check our exclusive T-Shirt that comes from Shirtpunch. This month we have a Silence of the Lambs shirt that looks awesome. I love they kept this shirt simple and they just decided to use the art from the cover of the original movie with our beloved Anthony Hopkins.

However, they did alter the design a little bit since the original cover had two women’s body shaping the skull in the middle. But this design is also really cool and it is definitely one of my favorite shirts now. HorrorBlock3

Next in our box is our promised Alien item. Now this item is really special. It is an exclusive Twin Pack from Titan with Parker and Big Chap. There is cno other twin pack from this series at least that I know of, so it is super cool. It is a NerdBlock exclusive and normally this figures come in a blind box.

I love they chose two characters that can interact. Well, basically one killing the other, but oh well, life in the outer space 😛 The figures are of really good quality and you can even see the open brains from Parker and his eyes all rolled up. Though luck buddy.



Sometimes in this boxes they include some filler to complete the box, which is the purpose I guess from this item. We received Horror Face Coasters. There are 8 of them but double sided so we get 16 different images. You can use them to play with them and put them hanging from your nose so that it seems you have a horror mouth. I think the idea is really good and fun.

However what I do not like is that they are cardboard coasters so they will break very easily.


When I saw the next item I thought: oh no, I already have this 🙁 Because if you are a horror fan it is very probable that you already own a copy of the Night of the Living Dead. However this is a very special edition that comes with an exclusive documentary. How awesome is that?

Also the edition is pretty HorrorBlock6cool and it is an excuse to rewatch this movie again now that Halloween is around the corner. For all of you that have not seen this movie, please do so and remember to give some love to the classics that made horror what it is today.

This box also had another cool item from Night of the Living Dead. They sent us some fridge magnets that you can use in order to build up sentences from the movie or whatever you want. They are the same type of magnets they sent us from Monty Python with the classic NerdBlock called British Invasion.HorrorBlock7

Even though I really enjoy this magnets, it would be awesome to also get some different type of magnets like classic horror monsters 3D faces etc

And last but HorrorBlock8not least is one of the things I am more excited to receive every month. The Rue Morgue magazine. Even cooler is that this number came with hard covers and it feels great. They always used good quality paper but now with the hard covers, which I hope they keep, is even better.

If you guys have been watching my unboxing videos you will know that I love to collect these issues and I keep them in a bookshelf so I can go back to them.HorrorBlock9

It is not only about movies, but also talks about books, games etc As long as it is horror related, you can find it in here.

We also received like always the card that tells us what was in the box and gives us a little bit more of detail of every item we received. Since this is the Horror Block, we also get to know LeeAnna Vamp’s choice since she works together with them and she is sort of the image of the Horror Block.

HorrorBlock10But this month they also included a little card to let us know about the new Block that they are going to start from October on. It is called the Sci-Fi Block and it is going to be centered in science fiction and they mentioned some of the franchises that we can expect to be in this new Block in the card.

I still have not made up my mind if I should try this one out or not since I already order two blocks from them and with the international shipping costs I am already spending some money with these boxes. However I might give it a try in the future.



As always the Horror Block was a blast and it has not really disappointed me any month. You can check Nerd Block and all the boxes they offer here:


To watch me unbox this and talk about the items and nerd around, make sure to check the unboxing video on my channel:


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