Loot Crate September — Summon

Good news is that I also did not have to go to customs to pick up my craLootCrate1te for September and I am hoping it will stay like this. Bad news is, this month’s crate was a bit of a disappointment.

Loot Crate announced the theme of the September box as the Summon crate. They promised items from Pokémon, Supernatural and The Simpsons. Three things that I definitely love and maybe this gave me higher expectations for this box.

Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the items was still really great and was as always packed with love and with a really cool inside art print.

However, the items were just not for me, so some people might love it and for me they missed. I just felt the box was packed more for junior subscribers than for the adult ones.

 As you can see this month we also didn’t get a shirt. Which is not a big deal. The last Loot Crates LootCrate2did not include a shirt but I am ok with it since I have already so many. However the item meant to replace the shirt this month was also yellow, like the apron we got from Breaking Bad the past month. I hate yellow.

We received this really cool hat from Pikachu. Now, the hat is branded and super good quality and I love that the ears have cardboard inside so that tehy will stay up when you put on the hat. I also love the detail of the Poké balls hanging.LootCrate3

However, let’s be honest. I am not going to walk around with this in my head. I have been watching many unboxings from people and they all agree that this is not really something they would wear. It is too specific of an item for either cosplayers (even though I do cosplay but this is still not for me) or kids. Awesome idea putting a hat in a crate, bad choice of a hat in my opinion.

I think putting a black beenie with a Poké ball on the front or the back would have been better for the type of subscribers this boxes have.LootCrate4

I believe they were aware a lot of people might be not so happy with the crate and that is why they sent us a stress ball.

Now I don’t really own stress balls and I do think there are some cute ones out there. But the one we received is not really my cup of tea. This one is from the game HearthStone from Heroes of Warcraft and though fans of the game might think it is a cool item, I just see it as a filler.

No special shape or cool design or print. But again if you love the game you might have been really pleased to get this.


We also got an item from Kidrobot. I truly love this company and their designs. They sent us a Homer Simpson figure in a box that was designed to be like the fortune cookies boxes you get in Chinese restaurants.

I love the idea and it is a very original figure. However, this is just not a figure I would purchase for myself. It is a golden Homer in a Buddha pose sitting on a doughnut.

A lot of people might love this, but I just do not really like the design and the fact that the figure is just plain gold. But this is a subjective point of view. Kidrobot is a great company and I would love to see this subscription boxes add more of their products.LootCrate6

And now let’s goto the only item I liked from this crate and also my favorite one. This month was easy to pick a favorite.

They sent us a Chevy Impala replica from the show Supernatural. There are currently other replicas out there and also from GreenLight. What makes this replica special is that the license plate from the car are the original ones from Kansas that the car had when they made the flashback episode In the Beginning when the car still belonged to John Winchester.LootCrate7

I thought this was a great item. I just wish they would have sent us a bigger version of the car, taking into consideration that the rest of the items did not offer so much value and I think this crate was one of the lowest in value I have ever received.

They also sent us a postcard to let us know about a free mobile game they created and that we could get and also use to interact with the crate they sent us this month.

We also received from Hearthstone, a coin and a code to get some cool stuff for the game that I am sadly not going to use sincLootCrate9e I don’t have very much time for all the free games and codes I get in this boxes and this one is not a particular game I am very excited about.

This month we also got our little magazine and the pin was super cute and had Pikachu in it.

The inside art of our crate can be used to sumLootCrate8mon some creatures if you log into the website they provide and get to play a little bit with it. Again I think this is too oriented to the kids more than the adults and they should think that the majority of their subscribers are adults with jobs.

In the end I do think their intentions were good. The hat and the car were good quality items, as well as the Kidrobot figure. However the only thing I really liked in this crate was the Supernatural car and it was a very small replica. So for me this month I lost money and was one of the lowest crates I have received. I do hope that October will be better since they announced the theme to be Time and they promised items from Back to the future and Dr Who.

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To watch me nerd about the box and see my disappointed face check my unboxing video:

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