Nerd Block Classic — Hyperspace

From the hyper space in the month of September we received our Nerd Block classic full of super cool nerdy stuff.NerdBlock1

However I did have an issue with the guys from Nerd Block this month and unfortunately they did not help me with my problem 🙁 Basically I e-mailed them to make sure I only had 1 active Nerd Block classic and 1 active Horror Block subscription. They said yes and I thought all was fine.

NerdBlock2But they did charge me twice for the September classic Block and also sent me two boxes 🙁  I talked to them to fix this problem but they did not offer any compensation whatsoever and for such a big company, to not care for their clients to give them a little compensation for the trouble, is very sad. Because in the end, we are making them who they are. The people like me buying their products and reviewing them.NerdBlock3

Anyway the box came with super cool stuff and let’s dig into it! First of all like always our T-Shirt. We received this really cool Battlestar Galactica shirt that says “By your command”. The shirt shows the old and nerw cylon and I really love this design. It is keeping it simple and mixing the old and new.

They had promised an item from Star Wars: The force awakens. And we got this super cute BB-8 plushie.

He stands by his own and though it is not an exclusive item, he is branded and adorable.


From the other big sci-fi franchise Star Trek we received a super awesome replica of the starship enterprise.

This one is a Springz and it is meant to be placed in the car or somewhere where it can bounce since that is the purpose of it.

However I have decided to keep this home since in the car it will get easily damaged and the color will fade from the sun. I really love Star Trek and the enterprise. This replica is from the ship that appeared in the original series and that is another plus for the item.NerdBlock5

Now as for the next item, a lot of people did not really understand what it was doing in the box since it did not have much to do with the Hyper Space theme.

However I love the show Supernatural so I was more than happy to get a box of the newly released mistery mini collection from Funko.

Good part of getting charged for two boxes, is that I got two of this figures 😉 But to be fair it would have fitted the theme more if they would have included a mistery mini from Alien (Titan) or from the sci-fi collection also from Funko.NerdBlock6

Last but not least they included a very awesome print that is a crossover between Guardians of the Galaxy and the Jurassic Park franchise.

I absolutely love this print and the quality is very good. When they include an art print in their boxes, instead of rolling it, which might damage it, they always put it at the bottom of the box. And so far, I have received always my prints in mint condition.NerdBlock7

This baby is definitely going to be framed and will be hanging on my walls very soon.

At the bottom we also find a postcard to let us know about the October theme for the next classic Block. This is something they normally don’t do but they are trying to promote that block.

The October classic box is something I can not wait to receive since it is going to include 2 vinyl figures and it is going to be Halloween themed. Perfect!NerdBlock8

Of course they also included the little card that tells us everything that we received in this month’s classic Block and gives us a little bit more of information of each separate item.

Apart from the fact that I am not very happy with their Customer Service or the fact that they didn’t even try to make it up to me after the confusion that got me charged for two boxes, I still loved the September box.

All the items were great, they didn’t include unnecessary fillers and on the bright side I got 2 Supernatural mistery mini Funko.

If you want to order one of their boxes please visit:

Also, don’t forget to watch me nerd live in my video unboxings:

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