Welcome Block — 2015


The people from NerdBlock have been offering free boxes to everyone that subscribed again to a box or made a new subscription.

Basically I paused my NerdBlock classic box for a month during my holidays and when I came back I reactivated it so they sent me a free box.

Unfortunately the things I got I already had 🙁  *big bummer* But on the positive side it was all for free and all super cool even though I had it. Also, I can use the items to send them to nice people that will give them a home.


From what I have seen they included a Titan Vinyl figure in all Welcome Boxes. I have seen a Spike (from Buffy), the 10th Doctor (Dr Who), Saul (Breaking Bad) and the one that I received that I already had, the Ecto 1 Ghostbusters car.

Knowing that some people were just coming back to the boxes, but received previous ones, I was expecting them to put something we won’t likely already have. But again the items are awesome and the box, shipping included, was all for free.NerdBlock5

If you have been following my Youtube channel and have seen my first videos (and poor scared me back at that time), I was not very happy with the Animay box NerdBlock did for the classic box. I guess I was just having too high expectations and was also expecting a bigger Totoro item after they had announced something from My Neighbor Totoro.

NerdBlock9In this Welcome Box I received again the cinch bag from Attack on Titan and the Totoro pins.

I totally dig this item because it is very practical and I love this kind of bags since they are perfect for the gym or the beach to carry your towel, a book etc

Attack on Titan is a post apocalyptic Japanese manga that I can recommend to anyone that loves post apocalyptic themed movies, series, books etc like I do. The green color is not something I would have chosen for myself, but that is just a personal preference and has nothing to do with how cool the item is 😉 However I already had this two things.



The Animay box had a really cool bandana from Cowboy Bebop.

In this Welcome Box I also got a bandana but from the game Dota 2.

This bandanas are really practical and you can use them in many ways. They also include a little guide on how to transform yWelcomeBox3our bandana into different styles.

They also included in each Welcome Box a little package with three mini figures from the game Cut the Rope.

The figures are really adorable and tiny so you can fit them anywhere and they are also very collectible.WelcomeBox4


We also got a card to let us know all the type of boxes that they offer and what the specific theme for each box is.

They have 4 different boxes for adults. The classic Nerd Block, the Comic Block, the Horror Block and the Arcade Block.

Moreover they offer 2 junior boxes for the little ones in the house. One is for girls and the other for boys. But if I am honest with you I think they should make more of a mixed box and not focus so much on the gender since I do not believe in toys gender specific.

Even though I had most of the stuff already, we have to remember that this was a completely free box included shipping. Like, how awesome is that?

They are still sending this Welcome boxes so go order your NerdBlock now if you also want to get one for yourself 😉

Also remember to check my dorky unboxing on my Youtube Channel:




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