Loot Crate August – Villains II



The guys from Loot Crate delivered once again. This month I was lucky enough not to get the box stuck at customs, yay!

This month’s theme was Villains II and I was really excited about it since I love the evil and the bloody ­čśŤ There were some really cool original items in the box. Let’s dig in!


As always the guys from Loot Crate put some extra effort and love to their boxes and they chose this really cool inner art. You can always turn your boxes inside out so that the box becomes an scenario or you can just use them as decoration.

The box was not particulary big and the main item basically took all the space inside the box.┬áThis month as well as in the past month themed Heroes II they did not include any T-Shirt but I am more than happy with that since I have many shirts already ­čśŤ


Our first item is the big black box. Unfortunately it did not stay as a mistery box for very long since we could see it said Marvel and it also has on top the words Venom and mug. However the exciment grows when I read that because Venom is an awesome character. He is one of my favorite characters from the Spiderman world, which is not one of my favorite superheroes.

The mug has a really awesome and original design. The painting is great and the colors are bright and feels great when you hold it. It is the perfect companion for my coffee times, oh yeah! However since it is not dishwasher safe and it looks so unique, I have been thinking to turn it into a pencil holder or something like that. Any thoughts?

LootCrate4The next thing in the box was making me unsure. It was a yellow burrito and we know I hate yellow as a color. When we open our burrito we realize that this month we did not get a t-shirt but an apron.

This apron is very special since it is from Los Pollos Hermanos which we all know from the TV show Breaking Bad. If you have not watched this show yet, please know that is a must. The apron belongs to the chain of restaurants that the villain in the series owns.

I love that they looked for something really original and that I had never seen before in boxes. However I am not sure I will really use it since I don’t really use aprons and …yes, you guessed it, it’s yellow.LootCrate5

We find also another box in this crate. It is a really original wooden figure from the Joker exclusive to the Loot Crate. Now, it has been a while since I have seen wooden toys or figures being sold. Nowadays is most PVC so getting a wooden figure is pretty refreshing and I really appreciate this.

He comes with an interchangeable face and you can also move his arms. The same company also has other superhero figures like this one from Batman or Superman. It is a nice innitiative and I would not mind to see more toys going this direction.LootCrate6

The last item in this box is a really amazing exclusive item to the Loot Crate. We received an original replica from the ensemble worn in the Captain American movie. The company EFX is known for making replicas of items like this one.

The pin looks absolutely beautiful and I have always loved the design of the skull and the octopus anyway. This is going straight to one of my jackets. I am really in love with it and it is so great that is an exact replica from the one used in the movie and also exclusive to the Loot Crate.LootCrate7

At the bottom of our box and like every month we find this cute little magazine with some more extra information on the items we received, interviews, articles and more. This month’s cover is the joker and I am absolutely in love with this image of him.LootCrate8

We also received a pin from Venom. Now this month’s main item had two version. They sent two different mugs randomly. Some crates had the Venom mug, which is the one that I received, and some other crates had Carnage in it.

I am actually glad that I got Venom because I like him more than Carnage, and let’s be honest, I love that it is mostly black with a bit of red. So for the people that got the Carnage mug, they also received the pin from him.

All in all this box was really nice. We only received 4 items but they were all well thought and of good quality. However I have to say that I would have loved to see some female villains in this box. We have so many cool women villains. Only in comics we have Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, Dark Phoenix, Enchantress, Hailey Quinn etc  I would have loved to get an item from an evil girl. And I think the male subscribers would have not objected either *wink*

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