Horror Block August



We get transported back to the Overlook Hotel and the Camp Crystal Lake in this month’s awesome Horror Block. Come play with me!

First of all I have to say that unfortunately my box came with water damages 🙁 This is of course not Nerd Block‘s fault but it did damage one of the items in the box and that was very upseting.

But that is life, and life’s a b*tch sometimes for no reason so I will go cry to my little dark corner and then get over it 😛



Anyway this month’s Horror Block was really one of the best ones I have received so far. First things first, let’s talk about the T-Shirt. This month’s T-Shirt was not the typical red/black combo color combination that I like. However this shirt was really cool.

We received an exclusive Beetlejuice shirt with an amazing design and the sentence “Say my name”. As a huge Tim Burton fan I really love the movie and this character and I still love to watch it even though the special effects are of course a little bit outdated 😛


They also promised us an item from Friday the 13th. As a huge fan from the movies and a loving and caring Jason fan, I was really excited about it.

We got this super cool and exclusive plush from Jason Voorhees himself. Isn’t he adorable?  However I have noticed that he does not have a knife or any weapon to kill those teenagers that keep on going to the Camp Crystal Lake to have sex before marriage and be brutaly killed. One of my favorite deaths was the girl in the sleeping bag smashed again the tree. Such an awesome scene!


The next item in this box made my jaw drop for like 10 minutes and I just could not believe it. I was just too shocked by what I had just seen. We received an original autographed photo from The Shinning twins, Lisa and Louise Burns. How f*cking awesome is this? Stephen King will always have a special place in my heart since that is more or less how I started getting into horror. I started reading his books when I was a teenager.

The twins are also coming to Germany as guests in the Weekend of Hell in Germany. I was really excited to go and get maybe an autograph or picture with them and the people from Horror Block heard my prayers and send this awesoHorrorBlock4me autographed picture to my house. I love the picture they chose too all bloody and with the sentence “Come Play With Us” ♥

A little notebook appears inside the box. It is the Notebook of the Dead. Super cute and hyndy when you need to take notes on the way.

It is of course from The Evil Dead as you probably recognize the cover from the Necronomicon. It is a little cute item that is also practical. And you guys know how much I love practical stuff in this boxes too.


The next thing in our box is a BluRay/DVD edition of Rise of the Zombies with Danny Trejo.

I am super happy about this since I did not have this movie and it is the type of movies I like to buy and collect. Plus I obviously love Danny Trejo ♥

Moreover, believe it or not I am one of those people that still does not own a BluRay player so I was really happy that they chose the double edition that also includes the DVD version. It is popcorn, beer and zombie movie night!


Last but not least as each month we get the super cool and full of horror magazine Rue Morgue. As I have mentioned before I really like this magazine and for me is something I look forward to every month. I actually collect them and keep them all in a shelf so I can go back to them when looking for something to watch or read.HorrorBlock9

Unfortunately this item was at the bottom of the box and it got water damages 🙁  This got me between upset and sad since as a collector, having a damaged issue really sucks. Like sucks balls. Big balls.

Anyway, I do know this is not Nerd Block‘s fault and I will have a personal conversation with the post offie….seriously. Imagine the autographed photo from The Shinning twins would have been also at the very bottom and it would have goHorrorBlock7tten damaged from the water!!!! Like someone would have died…a very slow and painful death.

As always we also get a cute postcard that tells us everything that was in our box with a bit more detail. Since this is the HorrorBlock we can also see LeeAnnaVamp‘s choice which this month was the cute Jason plush. This box was amazing and as I said, one of the best Horror Blocks I have seen so far.

If you love horror I don’t know what you are waiting for to get this awesome goodies sent to your door every month.

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