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Last week I received my very first Loot Crate Box and boy was I excited. Due to technical and health issues I haven’t been able to post the review before. But better later than never 😉


Loot Crate April 2015 – Fantasy Theme




At first I was surprised that the box was so small but I didn’t lose hope to find nice nerdy stuff in there.

When we open the box the first thing we see is the beautiful Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt and our heart just melts. Red, black and dragons. Jackpot!

We can also see some of the box inside’s artwork, which like every month, fits the theme of the box.






The T-Shirt is 100% cotton and  very soft. It is bright red and the dragon print is of good quality. I didn’t know what to expect of the T-Shirt’s quality but I am positively surprised about this one.





Next in the box we can find a set of cards from The Princess Bride. I personally like this movie and just rewatched it like one month ago so I was very excited about the card set and the prints are also very nice.

“Hello. My name is Iñigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” (I just had to quote this and you know it)







Moving on to this exclusive and awesome bow tie from Dungeons & Dragons. Loot Crate says this bow tie was made by Spotted and Tied, whose bow ties sell for $85.00. This one reads on the inside BlackT¡eGeek.

The bow looks great and is also of good quality. Nevertheless, as a girl I don’t think I can put this to much use so it is a minus point for LootCrate.











Apart from the T-shirt, my other favorite thing of the box is this exclusive Game of Thrones House Stark USB Flash Drive with 4GB capacity.

This is an awesome gadget anyone can use and that you can not get anywhere else but in this box. Good job witht his one!





Nothing much to say about this hahaha I guess I will use this awesome big inflatable crown for my next birthday party to show them all who’s the Queen 😛






The last goodies in the box are a set of fridge magnets from Game of Thrones and a Harry Potter bag tag.

The magnet set includes 4 magnets of the different houses (Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, and Batatheon) and a big magnet with the Game of Thrones logo on the top. I think they are pretty cool.

The bag tag is big and really awesome. Love the design and as a huge Harry Potter fan I am definitely going to use this next time I travel ♥





We also find like in every crate, a LootCrate magazin with some cool articles and a list of the goods included in this month’s crate.

They also include a button fitting the crate theme which I think is really nice to collect.

You can see here the full print of the box. The artwork is beautiful but it has not much of a practical use and it will end up being recycled. It was better when there were featured interactive elements with the box in previous crates.




All in all, I really liked the box and I think the money is worth it since you get at least what you paid for back in goods, usually more. I think they did a decent job keeping the month theme. Even though I expected a bit more, since some items were more practical than others, I am still happy and excited about the next LootCrate  😀

Order your own using this link:


And of course I am already working my Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt. Too pretty to be left on the closet 😉


    • Hace poco que envian a Alemania. Cuando vi que enviaban no lo pude resistir XDD

    • ^_^ gracias guapa. No olvido que tenemos sesión de fotos pendiente cuando pueda ir a Barna

  1. Welcome to the web Padawan – I’m sorry to herar about health issues and such but there’s no denying the fight in your eyes.

    Stay consistent – it’s the best healer. SCIENCE. xx

      • Web developer is one of the hats I wear (when it’s not an inflatable crown). I’ve been using WordPress for just over a decade so if you ever want any help on anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

        Hope you’re feeling better now Senorita.K

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